5 Best Seedboxes Reviewed(2021)


What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote server that has great internet speed which can be used to download files while maintaining anonymity over the internet. Put it simply it is a remote computer that has a torrent application running on it and you can upload the torrent file on this computer and it will start downloading for you. You can also transfer the downloaded content from the remote computer(seedbox) to your PC with encryption so that your ISP is unaware of what you are downloading online.

Evoseedbox :

Evoseedbox provides the best seedbox as far as VPSs are concerned. Their servers are located in the Netherlands so they can provide a great amount of speeds. It provides HDD storage ranging from 150GB to 8001GB. Their plans are divided into two categories: Premium plans and  Box + PLex plans. Premium plans are offered as Budget-friendly plans. While the Box  + PLex plans are for hardcore torrenting users who want to download and upload a large number of files and also want to stream high-quality content on regular basis. You can find the plan details as shown below:

Evoseedbox – premium plans :

Evoseedbox – Box + Plex plans:

So basically they have a plan for every customer’s needs and budget requirements. They also provide a large variety of apps on both premium and Box + Plex plans but the latter plans have more numbers of apps compared to the former as it has larger HDD space and bandwidth. In terms of network bandwidth, they provide  10Gb/s  bandwidth which will allow you to download torrent at amazing speeds. Plex is offered in all the plans except the most basic Evo-blitz plan. But if your main usage is plex streaming then we recommend you to go for any of the Box + Plex plans as they are specifically configured for Plex. It also provides Google drive integration where you can upload files from seedbox to your google drive. And you can also manage your torrent remotely using electorrent. The best part of Evoseedbox is their support. You can read their knowledge base for setting up seedbox and if you are stuck somewhere you can chat live with the support team. In case you have any billing or technical query you can also open a ticket and they usually respond to tickets in a couple of hours. And the best part is they provide a 7-day trial period under which if you are not satisfied with the product you can choose to cancel and get a complete refund.

Seedbox.io :

We have kept Seedbox.io as the second choice of seedbox provider because of many good reasons. One of the most important reasons is it provides affordable services packed with a good amount of features. The most advanced package offers 1230GB of storage while the basic plan offers 600GB of storage. You can also buy a dedicated server with SSDs.As far as price is concerned it is the only which offers competitive prices for the dedicated servers as well as shared seedboxes in our cheap seedboxes range.

The downside of seedbox.io is that their support is only reachable through mails and tickets and no chat support is available for the time being. Their network consists of  Level3, Telia, NTT, GTT, Zayo, Core-Backbone, Seaborne, and direct peering using AMS-ix, LINX, DE-CIX. They also provide FTP clients for downloading files from seedbox with OpenVPN provided builtin. The speed of installation and access time on their server is quick and has fast responses which is a good thing for a seedbox but it is still slower than Evoseedbox comparing the app installations and setup time.



Iseedfast offers the cheapest seedbox on our list. Its basic plan is provided at just 3$ per month while the most expensive plan is just at 15$ per month.

Iseedfast Seedbox plans:

It has all the features of a seedbox including OpenVPN. It provides a 1GBps bandwidth which is a good bandwidth considering the price. They also provide unlimited active torrents on all plans. All the plans run on a powerful Xeon E5 server-grade processor. OpenVPN is available on all the plans which assure safety on all the plans. Like Evoseedbox it also provides google drive integration, Electorrent set-up for remote torrent management. It also provides Plex support but only on the  Seedfast pro plan. You can refer to more details on the product home page. It is a decent package for occasional torrenting users as well as for intermediate users. Like other seedboxes, you can use FTP clients to download files from seedbox to your PC. Sonarr, radar Btsync support is also available in all the plans.If you are looking for a good seedbox but are tight on the budget then according to our views Iseedfast services are highly recommended. The entry-level plan starts at just $3 per month and there are no cheaper options than this out there for such a great seedbox service. Including powerful Xeon E5 servers, 1GBPS network speed, and lots of other good features, iSeedFast is providing the cheapest and decent seedbox service in the market. All the plans on it provide SFTP, FTP and OpenVPN services on the seedbox.The basic plan also supports BTSync and transoid.

Cheapseedboxes :

As the name suggests cheap seedboxes provide the most value for the buck seedbox. It provides a good amount of SSD storage with 1gb/s unlimited network bandwidth with their basic plan starting at 10$/month which provides 300GB high-speed SSD storage to  20$ plan which provides 800Gb SSD storage.

Cheapseedboxes plans:

It also provides most of the popular apps and plugins in all the plans as default. They also provide Plex, Emby, and other plugins to auto-download torrents. It also provides live chat support for instant support. They also have a ticket-based support system that has a good response time and if any downtime occurs it is fixed quickly in a matter of hours, as a result, it has surprisingly good uptime. You can also upload files from your seedbox to your google drive which is a very unique feature provided in the seedbox market. It provides rutorrent as their torrent client which provides a lot of features. You can also setup electorrent to manage torrents directly from your computer without explicitly logging in to your seedbox which provides a portable way to manage your torrents on the seedbox. It is one of the most easy-to-use seedboxes with a much simpler UI . There is also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee where you can ask for a refund if you are not happy with their service.


Rapid seedbox is one of the oldest seedbox providers. They provide great speed in download as well as uploads due to the reason that their servers are hosted in both France and Netherlands. But the speed required for downloading files from seedbox to PC is not up to the mark as it starts at a good speed initially but degrades as time passes. Their plans also give details about the RAMs offered in each plan. For larger amounts of torrenting and seeding you need to have bigger RAM. Also, they provide encrypted access and secure protocol so that data belonging to you is accessed by you only.They also have a good support system where they provide chat support.Normally their chat support responds in a few minutes also their ticket system is also well laid technical issues are solved quickly. Rapidseedbox has various plans from 512GB to 5.6TB.Also they provide a large collection of guides and knowledge base for setting up seedbox and for various apps installation and their operation.

Rapidseedbox plans:

Advantages of having a seedbox

One of the biggest advantages of having a seedbox is you get very high bandwidth and a very high-speed connection for torrent downloading which cannot be possible at the home network. You can download a file of tens of GBs in a matter of minutes. Also, seeding speeds are enormous which provides a huge advantage while seeding.All this at a very reasonable price.
Also, you will also be able to download your files from your seedbox to your home computer with the maximum speed of your local connection. Since the torrent sites demand a certain ratio to download their torrents, seeding will be done by the VPS on your behalf 24/7 so that you don’t have to keep your computer on for long hours.

With the use of a seedbox, you can be assured of high-end security and safety as you are not torrenting using your own computer instead you are using a remote server to do that for you. Also, most of the seedboxes have integrated VPN (Open VPN) which masks your IP address with the IP address of your seedbox.
Also, you can create your own media server as most of the seedboxes listed here come with Kodi and Plex as pre-installed or one-click install features. You can download your streaming content (TV series, Movies, Music ) on the seedbox and these apps will organize your content. You can also use apps like Jellyfin, sonar, Medusaradarr to automatically fetch torrent files of episodes of your favorite TV series and add them to your torrent client automatically you don’t have to track torrent sites for finding torrent files of the latest content. Now you can directly stream your content in your web browser or through the Plex app on the smartphone or smart TV.



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