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Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Service (hereinafter, referred to as the “Terms”) is a legitimate arrangement between you (an individual) and Iseedfast having a location at 10500, Noord,

Amsterdam, Netherlands (hereinafter, referred to as “Iseedfast”, “we”, “our”, “us”) for the services delivered through the site www.iseedfast.com (hereinafter, referred to as the “Services”) (hereinafter, you and Iseedfast are here and there, on the whole, referred to as the “Parties” and each separately a “Party”). By utilizing or buying the Services, you consent to be limited by these Terms. The most current variant of these Terms to at Terms of Service.



1.1 The Services allow users to use a remote server located in a high bandwidth data center to host digital files.

1.2 The Facilities are used exclusively for lawful purposes.

(i)  sending any spam and other unsolicited advertisements;
(ii) uploading, downloading or displaying any unlawful material, including, but not limited to, pornographic, obscene, offensive or defamatory content; (iii) any intent that may be deceptive, offensive, obscene, indecent, threatening, defamatory or that may cause irritation, damage, inconvenience to others;

1.3 You can not use the Services if you are: I under the age necessary to register into this Agreement in the country in which you will be using the Services;
(i) under the age excluded from accessing the Services; or
(ii) under the age of 16.

1.4 Specialized steps to buy the Services. On the off chance that you’d like to purchase the Services, you would like to perform the taking after steps: (1) visit the site www.iseedfast.com (hereinafter, referred to as the “Website”);
(2) press on the button “GET Started NOW” found on the foot of the most page of the Site;
(3) select a membership plan;
(4) press the button “Order Now” beneath the chosen membership plan;
(5) include your seedbox password;
(6) select your charging cycle; and
(7) press on the button “ADD TO CART”;
(8) select the payment method in which you’d like to pay the cost of the Services;
(9) press the green button “CHECK OUT”;
(10) select the installment strategy which you’d like to utilize to form the installment;
(11) enter the username and the password of your account on the Site or enlist a new account on the Website;
(12) enter the details of the installment strategy which is able to be utilized for paying the cost of the Services. Once you make the desired installment, we’ll send you a confirmatory mail educating you around your order. By paying the cost of the Services and getting a confirmatory e-mail, you conclude a benefit contract in English between you and Iseedfast on the premise of these Terms. After getting your payment, we are going to give you access to the Services.


1.5 The subtle elements of your particular contract will not be recorded by us and, thus, the specific contract will not be accessible to you. Be that as it may, in case you are doing require any data with respect to your arrange if it’s not too much trouble contact us by utilizing the contact details specified in Segment 28.

1.6 Correcting input errors. You are ready to determine and correct any input errors before creating the payment of the value of Services. If you have made any input error in your go-cart, please head to your shopping cart and correct your error.

1.7 once registering an account on the Website, you want to give iseedfast with correct and complete information. You shall update the data in your account if this information becomes out of date.

1.8 Unless you exercise the right of withdrawal declared below, you’re not entitled to a refund of any costs paid by you before the termination of your service contract. If you exercise the right of withdrawal, you’re entitled to a full refund of any costs paid by you before the termination of your service contract.  The right of withdrawal doesn’t apply to service contracts regarding our dedicated servers.

1.9 By signing up for the Services, you automatically sign in for receiving our newsletter.


2. Your Data

2.1 you keep the copyright and/or all alternative rights that you already hold within the content which is kept on, or distributed through the Services (hereinafter, brought up because the “Your Content”).

2.2 By utilizing the Services, you agree that Iseedfast may: (i) adapt or otherwise create changes to Your Content thanks to the technical needs of devices, media, connecting networks, and services; (ii)  transmit or distribute Your Content worldwide; (iii) transmit or distribute Your Content over varied public networks and in various media; (iv) utilize various third-party software, services or infrastructure with the aim to facilitate adaptation, distribution, and transmission of Your Content.

2.3 By utilizing or potentially buying the Services, you concur that you will be completely answerable for all Your Content. You, therefore, recognize that you have legitimate rights to store and circulate Your Content. You thus recognize that Your Content is lawful under (I) the laws of the country where Iseedfast is based, (ii) the laws of the country or district wherein you dwell, and (iii) the laws of the country or area where Your Content is genuinely put away.

2.4 To ensure the clients of Iseedfast, we hold the right, without earlier notification, to stop the activity of a server if our observing frameworks demonstrate that that server has malware, mining programming, or another programming that over-burdens our Network.


3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1 All title and copyrights in and to the content of the Website, including, yet not restricted to, any applets, activities, sound, pictures, photos, music, and text are claimed by Iseefast or its providers. The Content of the Website is secured by copyright laws and worldwide copyright arrangements. Subject to these Terms, Iseedfast, therefore, concedes you a non-selective and non-adaptable permit to utilize the substance of the Website. Iseedfast may end this permit in the event that you breach these Terms.


4. Prices

4.1 The costs showed on the Website are shown in two monetary forms, in particular USD. You can choose the cash where you might want to address the costs. 4.2 The costs stay substantial as long as they are demonstrated on the Website. 4.3 We may modify our value list every once in a while. The cost pertinent is that set at the date on which you request your Services


5. Payments

5.1 You can buy the Services by utilizing (1) PayPal (www.paypal.com) or (2) bitcoins (https://www.bitcoin.com/) or (3) Card payments.


5.2 PayPal may gather installment data from you which will permit PayPal to make the installments mentioned by you. On the off chance that you use PayPal, we WILL NOT store your credit/check card data. PayPal handles all the means in the installment interaction on their sites, including information assortment and information preparation. If it’s not too much trouble, give your own data to PayPal exclusively in the wake of exploring its protection strategy and terms of utilization.


5.3 It is your obligation to confirm that all exchange data and different subtleties are right. Iseedfast will have no risk for exchanges that are inaccurate because of components outside Iseedfast’s ability to control.


5.4 Iseedfast acknowledges no obligation regarding the refusal or inversion of installments, which will be a matter between you and the supplier of payment services.


5.5 If you don’t make the installments needed for utilizing the Services, we may hold or eliminate content put away by you on our servers.


5.6. Any extra payment or payment due that is not in line with the user’s usual billing should be brought to notice of iseedfast within 90 days.


5.7 Any credits offered as part of promotion or accumulated in the users’ account shall be utilized within a year. Credits may lapse after one year time frame.


6. Right of Withdrawal

6.1 Right of withdrawal. Subject to the conditions of this segment 6, you reserve the option to pull out from the assistance contract inside 7 days without giving any explanation. The withdrawal period will terminate following 7 days from the day of the finish of the service contract. To practice the privilege of withdrawal, you should educate Iseedfast regarding your choice to pull out from the help contract by an unequivocal assertion. You can utilize the accompanying contact subtleties to practice your privileges of withdrawal: Email: support@iseefast.com You may utilize the model withdrawal structure in Section 6.3, yet it isn’t compulsory. To fulfill the withdrawal time constraint, it is adequate for you to send your correspondence concerning your activity of the privilege of withdrawal before the withdrawal time frame has terminated.


6.2 Exceptions from the privilege of withdrawal. Your privilege of withdrawal doesn’t have any significant bearing in the accompanying cases:


In the event that you utilize the administrations as a non-purchaser (a ‘user’ is any characteristic individual whois representing purposes which are outside his exchange, business, specialty or calling); or


On the off chance that the arrangement of the Services has begun with your assent and the agreement has been completely performed (if the agreement has not been completely performed, we claim all authority to charge you relatively for the time span that you have utilized the Services); or


We have reason to believe that your solicitation for withdrawal is abusive (e.g., because of dull solicitations got from a similar individual).


6.3 Effects of withdrawal. On the off chance that you meet all requirements for the privilege of withdrawal, we will reply to you all installments accepted from you, immediately and on any occasion not later than 7 days from the day on which we are educated about your choice to pull out from the assistance contract. We will complete such repayment utilizing similar methods for installment as you utilized for the underlying exchange except if you have explicitly concurred something else; regardless, you won’t cause any expenses because of such repayment. On the off chance that you have utilized the Services prior to conveying your desire for withdrawal to us, we maintain all authority to charge you the expense comparing to the time span for which you have utilized the Services.


6.4 Withdrawal ways. Please raise a ticket to or use the cancellation button provided in the client area.


6.5 We don’t endure any maltreatment of our administrations. To forestall maltreatment of these Terms, Iseedfast claims all authority to deny future administrations to (I) a client who looks for different discounts; and (ii) a client who has abused these Terms.


6.6 The privilege of withdrawal in this Section 6 applies to Seedboxes as it were. It doesn’t make a difference to committed servers.


7. Customer Support

7.1 If you might want to send a client or specialized help question to us, kindly send a help ticket by utilizing the tagging framework open through your client area or using our live chat feature. On the other hand, you can send your client or technical help inquiries by utilizing the contact structure accessible at https://www.iseefast.com/ or send us an email at support@iseefast.com.


7.2 By buying the Services, you concur that the help given by Iseefast is on an “with no guarantees” and “as accessible” premise. Iseedfast doesn’t ensure that our help will be accessible whenever as well as our help will ready to determine your concern.


8. Service Level Agreement

8.1 Downtime remuneration. In the event that you don’t approach the Services for a period surpassing 24 hours, Iseedfast will issue to you credit equivalent to the span the personal time kept going. Any personal times which last under 24 hours could conceivably be credited. Iseedfast won’t repay you for any personal time brought about by your ISP or your availability to our servers.


8.2 Additional downtime remuneration. At our sole watchfulness, we may give you a personal time remuneration which is more advantageous than the vacation pay expressed in the former Section. 8.3 We won’t give any remuneration to the deficiency of information brought about by a human blunder for your benefit.


9. Data Backup

9.1 You are exclusively answerable for guaranteeing reinforcement of Your Content except if you and Iseedfast have masterminded that the Services will incorporate reinforcement. We will not be at risk for loss of information or inability to recuperate information independently of the sort of disappointment.


10. Mere conduit

10.1 You and Iseedfast concur that, while offering the Types of assistance, Iseedfast is exclusively going about as a simple course of data. You concur that you are the distributor of Your Content. 10.2 Iseedfast doesn’t channel or investigate Your Content. Iseedfast doesn’t communicate or hint approval of Your Content.


11. Third Party Softwares

11.1 You may utilize the Services in a mix with third-party software. Such third-party software might be represented by isolated arrangements. By downloading, introducing, or in any case, utilizing such software, you might be limited by the particulars of the end-client licenses administering third-party software. Iseedfast will not be liable for any third-party software.


12. Privacy

12.1 By using or purchasing the Services, you agree that Iseedfast may collect and process your personal information.


13. Availability of Services

13.1 You comprehend and concur that the Services may, without earlier warning to you, hinder whenever and may proceed for any span. You concur that, by no means, we will be held obligated for any harms emerging out of or identified with such interferences. At least one such interferences will not comprise a default under these Terms.


14. Limitation of liability

14.1 To the degree not disallowed by law, Iseedfast will not be subject for any deficiency of benefits, loss of pay, loss of agreements, loss of information, or for any circuitous or important misfortune or harm of any sort at all emerging and whether brought about by misdeed (counting carelessness), breach of the Terms or something else. Iseedfast most extreme total obligation under the Terms whether in misdeed (counting carelessness) or in any case will in no conditions surpass the sum payable by you to Iseedfast comparable to the Services being referred to.


15. Disclaimer of Warranties

15.1 TO THE Degree NOT Denied BY LAW, THE Administrations Gave Iseedfast ARE Given ON AN “With no guarantees, AS Accessible” Premise. WE Disavow ANY Guarantee (EXPRESS OR Inferred), INCLUDING Guarantees OF Wellness OR MERCHANTABILITY FOR A Specific Reason. TO THE Degree NOT Precluded BY LAW, By no means Will Iseedfast BE Subject FOR ANY Unique, Roundabout, Coincidental, AND Important Harms Regardless of whether Iseedfast WAS Instructed BY YOU Concerning THE Chance OF SUCH Harm OR Misfortune. In the event that THE Administrations ARE Upset OR Interfered with, WE Will NOT BE Liable FOR ANY Misfortunes Brought about BY SUCH A Disturbance OR Interference.


16. Indemnity

16.1 You consent to repay, guard, and hold Iseedfast innocuous from and against all costs, commitments, liabilities, and cases, lawyer’s expenses, lawful expenses, and misfortunes brought about by us emerging out of or according to the Services.


17. Force Majeure

17.1 Iseedfast will not be at risk to you or different people for any disappointment of execution of any commitment vested in these Terms if such disappointment is brought about by any occasions past Iseedfast’s sensible control, including, yet not restricted to, demonstrations of God, demonstrations of illegal intimidation, link cuts, strikes, wars, fires, floods, defacing, orders, storm, administrative acts, riots, outsider supplier blackouts, orders, power emergency deficiencies, and blasts.


18. Relationship of the Parties


18.1 The Parties are self-employed entities, and these Terms don’t make you an employee, accomplice, specialist of, or joint venturer with, Iseedfast for any reason. You concur that you are, and will stay, a self-employed entity in your associations with Iseedfast.


19. Violations of these Terms

19.1 If you disregard any of the Terms, notwithstanding some other cures accessible at law or in value, Iseedfast will have the right, in its sole attentiveness, to suspend or end quickly the Services gave to you.


20. Assignment

20.1 You may not dole out your privileges under these Terms without the earlier composed assent of Iseedfast, and any such endeavored task will be void. This Agreement will be restricted upon the Parties’ allowed allots and particular replacements.


21. Governing law

21.1 These Terms will be perused, interpreted, and produce results as per the laws of India, and the Parties hereto explicitly consent to submit to the selective ward of the courts in India.


22. Disputes


22.1 To the degree not precluded by the appropriate law, any contention or case emerging out of or identifying with utilization of the Website as well as the Services will be settled by restricting mediation as per the principles of net-ARB.com. The expenses of discretion will be at first borne by the petitioner and later distributed by the mediator. The judge’s choice will be restricting and may not be advanced. A judgment of a court having locale might be entered upon the arbitrator’s award.


23. Waiver

23.1 A disappointment of a Party to authorize carefully an arrangement of these Terms will in no occasion be viewed as a waiver of any piece of such arrangement. No waiver by a Party of any break or default by the other Party will work as a waiver of any succeeding penetrate or other default or break by such other Party. No waiver will have any impact except if it is explicit, irreversible, and recorded as a hard copy.


24. Entire Agreement

24.1 These Terms establish the whole understanding between the Parties concerning the topic thereof and overrides every earlier arrangement, exchange, and conversation between the Parties relating thereto.


25. Severability

25.1 The unenforceability of any single arrangement of these Terms will not influence some other arrangement concerning this. Where such an arrangement is held to be unenforceable, the Parties will utilize their best undertakings to arrange and concur upon an enforceable arrangement, which accomplishes the furthest degree conceivable the monetary, lawful, and business targets of the unenforceable arrangement.


26. Amendments

26.1 Iseedfast saves the right, at its sole caution, to change or alter these Terms whenever. Except if in any case expressed in these Terms, any such change or adjustment will be powerful when distributed on the accompanying URL: Terms of Service, Therefore, you ought to consistently visit the previously mentioned URL to audit the current variant of the Terms so you know about any correction to which you are bound. You proceeded with utilization of the Terms after any such changes comprise your acknowledgment of the reconsidered Terms. In the event that you don’t consent to keep the modified Terms, kindly quit utilizing the Services and the Website.


27. Last Amendments

27.1 These Terms have been last edited on the 15th of February 2021.


28. Contact Us

In case of any issue, reach out to us at contact@iseedfast.com