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Privacy Policy


We at Iseedfast(the website) collect data or information from different individual users(you or you are) through their visit to our website. We act as a data processor which means that we determine the purposes and means of executing your data.

The sites offer to the users or clients to arrange facilitating administrations for digital files from the site utilizing a remote server in a high transmission capacity data center. 

This security strategy contains every one of our arrangements and cycles that we follow the administering of individual information through our site. 

Utilizing our site expresses that you have understood our privacy policy and furthermore you concur with it. 

If any of the focuses referenced in the privacy policy you don’t consent to, stop utilizing the site.

By utilizing this site or making an account on the site and acknowledgment of this privacy policy, you are consenting to handle all your own information to use in this security fold. By consenting to our security strategy we reserve the privilege to gather any fundamental information essential to you, furnish you with the marketing through emails, utilize individual or nonpersonal information of the clients not shown in this privacy policy, move your information to third parties isn’t shown in this privacy policy.



Data collection

Personal data:- we at Iseedfast collect information at minimum principal which are necessary for your usage of the website and the services of the website.

What personal data we collect:-

  • Your IP address
  • We collect your email address and password
  • Document of your payment or invoice of your payment 
  • Name, mail id, password company name, address, and phone number
  • We do not collect your payment information

Non-personal data:- when the user visits the website, we also collect information that is not personal for the users but to make user engagement and services better.

What non-personal data we collect:-

  • Browser types
  • Operating system
  • Url they’re visiting from seedbox
  • What is the application they are using in the seedbox

We gather this information just to improve the client experience just as if there is any false done utilizing our site, at that point, we ought to have this information as verification either to end them for utilizing an illicit business or for legitimateness during any examination.



The purposes of data collection

We at Iseedfast respect each and everyone also the data protection policy and process personal data only for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes.

Reason for the collection of your personal and non-personal information:-

  • For login  purposes
  • Providing you with the requested service
  • Contacting you regarding services and website
  • Regarding any update or new services that we have added
  • Performing the task that is requested by the users
  • Answering your question
  • Improvement of our business activities
  • To help in better communication with the users
  • To attain the lawful basis 
  • Identification when Fraudulent activities through the website

We reserve the rights to use your personal or no personal data that are not indicated in this privacy policy.




We may send you informational correspondence sends that are identified with the site and the help that we give, for example, new updates, data in regards to the assistance taken out or added to the site, data about privacy policy. 

You reserve the option to quit from getting any mail that straightforwardly connects to the advertising correspondence whenever by tapping on unsubscribe.



Data Protection

We have introduced an offline PC which gathers all our information on the site. With the goal that your information is protected and can’t be penetrated. Likewise, have conveyed numerous data security instruments to ensure your information. Anyway because of the inalienable danger of the web, we couldn’t completely depend on these apparatuses additionally we are not at risk for any devastation, loss, copy, or alteration of the information that we hold. 

During a data breach, we will advise the pertinent authorities to moderate through that penetrate immediately, additionally, we will illuminate the clients at the earliest opportunity through a notice on the site or through email.




Your personal and non-personal data will be kept in our database until you are using our services. As soon as you have terminated our service, we will delete all your details from our database. It is necessary to keep your data for a  particular amount of time so that if any legal issues are created in the future or some information is needed at any particular time for lawful business.

You can always contact us to remove your information from our website after a while you have terminated our services.



Third-party access

There is a possibility that we share your personal data with third parties. Such disclosure of data is limited to some situations when the data is required for:-

  • Provision of services
  • Pursuing our interest
  • Law enforcement purpose
  • For the services that we get from third parties
  • Technical support

These third parties may process your data for us to provide a better service.

At any moment when you think you are not comfortable providing your data to third parties, you can always contact us. We will try to solve it, but this may rely on closing some services of the website.

We do not sell, trade, or transfer data to any of the third parties we use.




Users rights regarding their data

The user possesses the full right to change or update their personal data anytime they want. We assure you that your personal data is accurate and up to date. 

The users have the right to manage their personal data that we collect from them. The user can:-

  • Get a copy of their data
  • Rectify their data
  • Delete your data
  • Object and restrict processing your data
  • Withdraw your consent
  • Apply complaints

To get any above statement fulfilled by us you can contact us from the contact us page. To verify the authority of your request, we may ask you to provide us with an identifying piece of information, so that we can confirm your identity. We will reply to your request within a reasonable time frame.




Please note that the website may contain links to third party websites. We hereby disclaim that we deny any practice or we don’t have any relation to any privacy policy they follow or operate in their websites. If the user visits these websites and follows up with any data breaching we are not responsible for it. We only look after the data that the user provides to our website.



The objection regarding personal data handling

We have stated earlier that the users have the right to submit any complaint or query regarding how your data is being handled on our website through the contact us page.

After you have sent any complaint or any query regarding the data storage, we will send you an email within 6 to 7  business days confirming the mail received. Afterward, we will investigate your complaint and try to provide a solution with a reasonable timeframe.




Most of the website providers use cookies for the betterment of the users, so do the Iseedfast website. A cookie is a small computer file that is stored in the user’s computer so that the website recognizes the user’s device. It stores encrypted data in the form of letters and numbers.

We do not store personal data in the cookies. However, the data stored by us may be linked to the information stored in the cookies. Web servers use cookies to identify and track users’ activity and identify users returning to a website.

These cookies are only used so that the user has a better experience and to make it easier for the users to use our website.



Amendment of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy from time to time by posting new policies in it. Your use of the website states that the user has read this updated privacy policy and agrees with it. We recommend to the visitors of our website to read the privacy policy from time to time to be updated about the services we provide and use.