Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I get my refund?

We have a 7-day refund policy, no questions asked. You will receive the payment in the same account which you used to pay.

02. How long will it take to get my tickets answered?

Our team is active 24/7 and we reply usually with 1 to 2 hours.

03. How can I get in touch with the support team?

We have a ticket system using which you can raise major issues and if you have any doubts you can use our live chat system.

Use this link to get in touch with the support: https://client.iseedfast.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1

04. How does Iseedfast keep my activity anonymous and hidden?

Iseedfast provides you a remote server only accessible by you. Your local IP is hidden under the IP of the server. Thus, your activities are hidden and you stay anonymous.

Iseedfast also provides an OpenVPN app for increasing security.

05. Why do I need a Seedbox?

If you are interacting with torrents and BitTorrent networks, then you have to make sure you are not being tracked. Sharing torrents of copyrighted files is considered an offense and at the same time makes your information visible to everyone in your network.

This keeps you at risk as your information is accessible by everybody. Seedboxes help you hide your information while still helping you get a better seeding ratio.

06. Can I get affordable plans with iseedfast?

We are the most affordable seedboxes available. Our seedboxes are reliable and provide high upload and download speed at a cheap price. Apart from that, we have a strong sense of relationship with our customers and we help them every time it is possible. Our support is live 24/7 for you.

Iseedfast is the cheapest seedbox in the market starting at just $3/month

07. How can I purchase an Iseedfast plan?

You can purchase your selected plan using Paypal.

08. How many apps will I get with my seedbox?

Issedfast has a total of 39 applications that are pre-configured with your seedbox. You get a standard app package that includes apps like OpenVPN, rutorrent, pyload, Google Drive, Jackett, etc. with every plan, but applications like Plex, Sonarr, Radarr are available with the Seedfast Pro plan only.

09. How many active torrents can I Have at a time?

With Iseedfast, you can have unlimited torrent active anytime. This helps you maintain a better ratio for your private torrent servers. You can even set ratio groups from the rtorrent client to automize the seeding of your torrents.

10. What speed do I get with the Iseedfast seedbox?

You get a high upload and download speed of up to 10 GBPS. Seed your torrents seamlessly with iseedfast.