Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my tickets answered?
    Our team is active 24/7 and we reply usually with 1 to 2 hours.
  • How do I get my refund?
    We have a 7-day refund policy, no questions asked. You will receive the payment in the same account which you used to pay.
  • How can I get in touch with the support team?
    We have a ticket system using which you can raise major issues and if you have any doubts you can use our live chat system. Use this link to get in touch with the support: https://client.iseedfast.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1
  • How does Iseedfast keep my activity anonymous and hidden?
    Iseedfast provides you a remote server only accessible by you. Your local IP is hidden under the IP of the server. Thus, your activities are hidden and you stay anonymous. Iseedfast also provides an OpenVPN app for increasing security.
  • Why do I need a Seedbox?
    If you are interacting with torrents and BitTorrent networks, then you have to make sure you are not being tracked. Sharing torrents of copyrighted files is considered an offense and at the same time makes your information visible to everyone in your network. This keeps you at risk as your information is accessible by everybody. Seedboxes help you hide your information while still helping you get a better seeding ratio.
  • Can I get affordable plans with iseedfast?
    We are the most affordable seedboxes available. Our seedboxes are reliable and provide high upload and download speed at a cheap price. Apart from that, we have a strong sense of relationship with our customers and we help them every time it is possible. Our support is live 24/7 for you. Iseedfast is the cheapest seedbox in the market starting at just $3/month
  • How can I purchase an Iseedfast plan?
    You can purchase your selected plan using Paypal.
  • When will my seedbox be ready after purchase?
    Your seedbox typically starts as soon as you make payment. If not, then please contact our support team to resolve any issues. You can contact our support using this link: https://client.iseedfast.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1
  • How many apps will I get with my seedbox?
    Issedfast has a total of 39 applications that are pre-configured with your seedbox. You get a standard app package that includes apps like OpenVPN, rutorrent, pyload, Google Drive, Jackett, etc. with every plan, but applications like Plex, Sonarr, Radarr are available with the Seedfast Pro plan only.
  • How many active torrents can I Have at a time?
    With Iseedfast, you can have unlimited torrent active anytime. This helps you maintain a better ratio for your private torrent servers. You can even set ratio groups from the rtorrent client to automize the seeding of your torrents.
  • What speed do I get with the Iseedfast seedbox?
    You get a high upload and download speed of up to 10 GBPS. Seed your torrents seamlessly with iseedfast.
  • What is a Seedbox?
    Seedbox can be considered as a virtual computer that runs on a remote server, Its main purpose is for torrenting activities done at a very high speed with the sole purpose of maintaining user’s privacy.
  • How safe is it to use a seedbox?
    Seedboxes are pretty safe, especially if we look at them from the view of privacy. Seedboxes are designed to protect the privacy of users and hence the network architecture used by the remote servers is maintained for high security using various encryption standards. Seedbox can be used for managing all our torrent files without losing privacy.
  • Are Seedboxes a remote server?
    Seedboxes are not just remote servers, they are specially designed virtual computers for the main purpose of torrenting. These servers let you download high-speed torrents, manage files, and even stream torrents keeping your privacy intact. Apart from all that it also gives you root access to be able to host your own apps and software to run 24/7. All that high speed and computing power without using your home computer or risking your privacy.
  • What is the cost of using a seedbox?
    Just like you purchase a PC it costs depends on its specification and features likewise for a seedbox also it costs depends on the specifications you want to use based on your need like memory, bandwidth, network speed, etc. Seedboxes range from 3$ to more than 80$ a month. Iseedfast is the cheapest seedbox available in the market.
  • Which is the best seedbox?
    While considering the choice for the best seedbox one must keep many factors in mind like the ease of use, customer support, robustness, security features, and other inbuilt features. Considering which factors are important for you, more choices might differ from person to person.
  • Is it necessary to use a VPN with a seedbox?
    Seedbox is used to protect your privacy and even without a VPN it is safe to use a seedbox. Still, the majority of Seedbox providers provide free VPN for user’s peace of mind and extra privacy as a VPN masks the IP address. You Get a Free VPN with every plan, so don’t need to worry about anything.
  • How does a Seedbox work?
    The basic principle on which the seedbox works is that all the torrenting activities are done on the cloud and thereby keeping our device safe. So all the torrent activity is not done on your device and is done on the remote server and hence your IP is safe and privacy is protected. You have a dashboard that helps you control the downloading activities and manage your torrent files.
  • What is a Shared seedbox?
    The shared seedbox is like renting only one room in a big house because you only require one room for yourself and also renting the whole house is costly similarly shared seedbox is like using a part of a remote server, this part is only used by a single user and it is not shared with any other user.
  • How do you set up a seedbox?
    Firstly you need to purchase a seedbox from any seedbox provider to set up a virtual remote server. Now you need to set up a torrent client like rutorrent or deluge which will help you download and upload files. All this downloading and uploading of files is done on a remote server. If you wish to transfer files from the seedbox to your local desktop then you will need a file manager like FileZilla that will help you to securely transfer files to your local desktop using protocols like HTTP or SFTP. Many seedboxes provide technical support for setting up seedboxes. At Iseedfast, The Setup is done for you by us.
  • How do I download from a Seedbox?
    If you wish to transfer files from the seedbox to your local desktop then you will need a file manager like FileZilla that will help you to securely transfer files to your local desktop using protocols like HTTP or SFTP. You need to configure your FTP client with a seedbox after which you can download your files from the seedbox with the click of a button!
  • What is Sonarr?
    Sonarr can be your torrent manager, if you watch a lot of tv shows then it can help you automate your downloads, it searches, indexes, and grabs the torrents for you from public and private trackers. Sonarr also helps you to schedule torrents that are not available at present and download them whenever they are available. Iseedfast has Sonarr pre-configured for you with a one-click installation.
  • What is NZBHydra?
    It is a meta-search engine for indexes, it helps you customize, sort, and remove duplicates and present all results in one place. In easy language, it is like providing results of all search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. in one place. Iseedfast has NZBHydra pre-configured for you with a one-click installation.
  • What is SickBeard?
    Sickbeard is an alternative for sonarr, but its usage is limited to Usenet. It helps you download your movies and shows, look for the episodes that are not available currently, and schedule future downloads whenever they are made available. Iseedfast has SickBeard pre-configured for you with a one-click installation.
  • Which is a better choice Radarr or CouchPotato?
    Well, this answer varies from user to user because both functions, in the same way, help in scheduling your tv shows and they both are equally reliable. But it must be noted that CouchPotato is used more compared to Radarr.
  • What is Radarr used for?
    Radarr main function is to automate torrenting i.e. we don’t have to search for torrents, wait for shows, schedule our downloads all this task is automated by Radarr.
  • What is Couch Potato Software?
    This is software that helps to find you good quality torrents, schedule them for downloading, and helps ease the tedious process. In other words, it just streamlines the whole process of torrenting. All you have to do is find the torrent file like a movie you want to download. Add it to your couch potato and the download will start automatically. You can even use Usenet for downloading files using apps like SABnzbd. Iseedfast has Couch Potato pre-configured for you with a one-click installation.
  • What is Radarr and Sonarr?
    The only difference between Radarr and Sonarr is that Radarr is used for movies and Sonarr is used for TV series, otherwise both are software used for automating the process of torrenting. Iseedfast has both Radarr and Sonarr pre-configured for you with a one-click installation.
  • Which port is used for Radarr by default?
    By default 7878 is the port used by Radarr.
  • Is it necessary to use a VPN with Sonarr?
    Sonnar can be used without a VPN, But you might need VPN if some torrent sites are blocked in your country. You will not require VPN if you are working with Usenet using Sonarr. But you get a free VPN with every plan of Iseedfast. So you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Which is the default port used by Jackett?
    9117 is the default port used by Jackett.
  • How do I update my Jackett?
    You can upgrade it from your seedbox, an update button is available in your seedbox just click on it to update the Jackett. Iseedfast will update the app with just a click.
  • How do you set up a Radarr?
    To set up Radarr login to your seedbox and under the apps section, you will find Radarr. If you have not installed it then first you need to install it. Now you need to add a path to the Radarr which is the same as the download path for the seedbox and then you can use Radarr to download your favorite movies.
  • How to download a TV show using Sonarr?
    TThe basic step is to install Sonarr on your seedbox, once this step is complete you need to configure indexers and download clients. Now you can search for your tv shows and schedule for future downloads if any particular show is not available at present.
  • How to update Sonarr?
    Just like Radarr, you will find an update button in your seedbox to update Sonarr. Just with a click of a single button, you can update Sonarr.
  • How to connect Qbittorrent to Sonarr?
    First of all keep the username, password, and port address handy of BitTorrent because it is required for configuration. Now, open the Sonarr settings and go to the download client tab, here you will be able to see the list of torrent clients search for qbittorrent, and configure it.
  • How to use qbittorrent?
    It works similarly to other torrent clients. We can use a torrent file that can be opened using qbittorrent or just paste the URL of the torrent. One exclusive feature of BitTorrent is that it provides a search engine so you can directly add torrents from here.
  • Which is better qBittorrent or uTorrent?
    It is very hard to determine which is better because both provide the same feature and functionality, but as qbittorrent is newer some additional features are filled by u torrent.
  • Can ISP tell if you are torrenting?
    ISP cannot directly monitor our activities as all our information is encrypted by BitTorrent clients, but being a peer-to-peer network it is visible to all other BitTorrent clients and hence we can be exposed if someone else reports this. So it is always wise to use a VPN or Seedbox.
  • Is qBittorrent a virus?
    qBittorrent is not a virus, it is a torrent client that is used to download torrent files, but we need to be careful because these torrent files might contain viruses, and hence it is advisable to always keep your antivirus ON.
  • Which is the best free torrenting program?
    Some of the good torrenting programs are :
    1. U torrent
    2. qbittorrent
    3. rTorrent
    4. BitTorrent
  • Tixati is a good option among other torrenting clients?
    Being a free torrenting client, easy to use, simple interface and customizable options provided it can be considered a good choice.
  • Is uTorrent still the best among other torrenting clients?
    U torrent still tops the list as it is managed by bit torrent itself, with the growing familiarity and wide user base even the number of ads is increasing daily and maybe that is the reason it is still available freely.
  • Is there any good alternative to Utorrent?
    Qbittorent can be s considered as a good alternative to utorrent because it is very similar to utorrent in terms of design, functionality, and usage. Moreover, qbittorrent was produced after utorrent so somewhere shortcomings of utorrent are overcome by qbittorrent.
  • How safe is torrenting?
    The risks involved in torrenting are of two types one is a breach of privacy and the other is a risk of viruses and malware. There is always an inherent risk of downloading viruses from torrent files because it is a P2P network and the files are not regulated by any authority and t next is your identity can be revealed in the network. VPN and Seedbox is the solution for both issues.
  • Is it necessary to hide your IP address when Torrenting?
    Yes, it is strongly recommended to hide your IP address because the IP address is visible to all the BitTorrent clients and your privacy can be breached, so if you are found using any copyrighted material you can be sued for that. Hence it is always recommended to use a VPN or a seedbox before torrenting
  • Is uTorrent a virus?
    Utorrent is just software that is used to download torrent files it is not a virus. However, you need to be cautious while downloading the files because these files you download might contain viruses. Hence, it is recommended to use an antivirus to protect your system.
  • Why does download speed suddenly drop?
    There are many reasons for this issue, speed can drop if your bandwidth is not stable, or if the peers are not seeding, maybe due to inactive trackers.
  • Can internet providers throttle our speed?
    Yes, many times ISP throttle our speed if we are sucking up too much bandwidth while downloading any content for the sake of money.
  • How many seeders and leechers are good?
    The ratio of seeders and leechers greater than 1 is considered good. Such a good ratio helps in efficiently downloading the file with the high speed provided you have a good internet connection.
  • Is Utorrent slow on Android?
    Utorrent might run a bit slow on android because it shows many ads to earn revenue as it is free for download. So part of bandwidth is wasted in loading these ads due to which the application becomes slower.
  • Which is the safest BitTorrent Client?
    There is no single answer to this because now every BitTorrent clients come with standard encryption, so it the torrenting practice that makes it safe for use like using a VPN or seedbox.
  • What is plex, is it illegal?
    Plex is an application used for entertainment purposes and it is not illegal to use plex unless you use it for bad motives. Iseedfast has the Plex application pre-configured for you. Just one click and the Plex application is installed and ready to use with your seedbox.
  • What exactly is Plex?
    Plex can be considered as an online cloud remote server for your movies and shows, it is a personalized media center.
  • How much does it cost for Plex?
    Plex comes with both free and paid versions, it depends on the users’ requirements which version can fulfill their needs.
  • Is Plex really free?
    The free version of plex allows you to create your own media center, and stream it on your server from any device. If you want to access advanced features of plex then you need to purchase the paid version.
  • Which is better plex or Netflix?
    First of all, this is a wrong questioned asked by many people. Because plex and NetFlix both provide different services plex is an application that is used to organize our media and can be connected with seedbox to download and stream movies whereas Netflix is just an online streaming service that lets you view the media on their servers.
  • Is Plex worth it in 2021?
    Plex, when combined with seedbox, can be a good combo, plex is used to organize your media and it can be used to stream a different kind of media from the BitTorrent network.
  • What are the channels available on plex?
    Plex includes channels like Fubo Sports Networks, KidsFlix, EDGE Sport, Bambu, etc. There are 80 + such channels available on plex.
  • Is Plex TV legit?
    Plex TV is a legit service and is used to stream our media, unlike Netflix and amazon prime.
  • How secured and safe is Plex?
    Plex takes care of our privacy as all the information that is collected by plex is secured it is mentioned in their privacy policy also and even the payment we do is processed by a secured payment gateway.
  • Is Plex a virus?
    Again like BitTorrent client plex is not a virus it is software that is used to organize our media. But this plex might contain an infected virus that is stored on the remote server.
  • Is it possible to remove plex from our system?
    Yes, like any other software we can remove plex easily from our system. To uninstall plex we need to go to control panel-> add or remove programs -:> search for plex and click remove to uninstall plex
  • Is the data on Plex encrypted?
    Yes, All the data used on plex is encrypted in fact plex is collaborating with DigiCert to provide one of the best SSL certificate security features for their users.
  • Is it necessary to use a VPN with Plex?
    No, unlike BitTorrent client, plex is not a P2P system, it is not necessary to use a VPN with plex but you can always consider using it for extra security and safety. Iseedfast gives you a free VPN with your Iseedfast plans. So that your privacy is really intact.
  • How do I start Plex?
    First, you need to create a Plex account and media server. If you are already using seedbox then you can use it to create a media server and also automate the entire process of torrenting. Now you can access Plex from any device.
  • How safe is it to use plex remote access?
    Yes, it is safe to use plex for streaming movies and torrents, because all the data that is transferred between this network and device is hidden and encrypted.
  • Is plex a personal asset or shared?
    Plex is private as the area that is being rented on the servers is not shared with others; the company is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of its users and it is written in their privacy policy too.
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