Five Methods by which you can download torrents anonymouslySeedboxFive Methods by which you can download torrents anonymously

Five Methods by which you can download torrents anonymously

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Due to strict anti-piracy laws and banning torrenting websites. Users have now found various methods by which they can still use torrenting and stay anonymous from the outside world. Here are five techniques to look after:

  1. Virtual Private Network: many of the current Bit-torrent users have already realized that using a VPN is a nice way to make sure that your privacy is ensured while using BitTorrent. At a nominal fee of few dollars, VPN can reroute the traffic through their servers masking your Ip address from the public. There are also a few VPNs that provide free services but they are much slower and are not well suited for regular Bit torrent users. A few of the popular VPNs which allow BitTorrent traffic are:  Ipredator , Itshidden, and StrongVPN.
  2. BTGuard(paid service) : It is a proxy server service that masks IP- addresses of its users from the public. It available for Windows,macOS, and Linux systems. It is also specially designed for BitTorrent users. User can also set up their own client apart from the already provided clients. Supporting all the clients which support “Socket V5” proxies including uTorrent, Vuse, it also provided encryption tunnel software for true security. It is currently operated by friends of TorrentFreak.a
  3. Torrent Privacy(paid service) : TorrentPrivacy is also like BTGuard a proxy service for Bit torrent users. It has a modified uTorrent client which includes all the necessary settings already configured. The only issue with this proxy service is that it is only available for windows. It is operated by
  4. Anomos(Free service) :  Anomos describes it as “a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol. It is based on the peer/tracker concept of BitTorrent in combination with an onion routing anonymization layer, with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption,”  It is among the only few which provides multi-platform solutions to BitTorrent users to mask their IPs.But it is not completely compatible with regular torrent files as it has its own torrent format called a torrent. It also has slower download speeds than regular BitTorrent.
    But due to its increasing popularity, more than 1600 users on Utorrent idea bank has asked anonymously for future utorrent build as a result it became the second most asked suggestion.
  5. Seedbox(Paid Service):  Seedbox is basically a dedicated virtual server used exclusively for downloading files using torrents. Users get very high speed while torrenting and after download on the VPS, they can transfer files to their PC using FTP or HTTP-based file transfer tools. FilSharkFreak does regular reviews for many of the good seedboxes available today.