The best torrent websites to download TV showsSeedboxThe best torrent websites to download TV shows

The best torrent websites to download TV shows

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you miss a TV show?

Are you waiting for your favorite movie on TV? 

Are you a person who can watch your favorite movie on repeat?

If yes, you are at the right place. TV channel broadcasts various shows and movies but we lose patience, we need to compromise watching shows that don’t excite us, we get irritated with long everlasting ad breaks! 

All of these have a solution, we can download our favorite TV shows and movies from torrent websites that work on peer file transfer architecture using a bit-torrent client like that can be installed on your PC. Wait a second don’t get excited, there is a bucket full of torrent websites out on the internet but one needs to be careful while torrenting because not every torrent website is reliable in terms of content, virus and malware threats, privacy, etc.

We are here for you, we handpicked 10 torrent sites that are reliable and easy to use. Keep reading and understand what is unique about each website and select one that is best for you!

NOTE:  It is always advisable to use a VPN while accessing any torrent website for privacy and to unblock the site in case it is blocked by your ISP.

let’s get started!


best torrent sites for tv shows is a recreation of a popular torrent website yify. The original website was shut down by the motions picture association of America in 2015. The name “YIFY” is derived from the name of its founder yiftach Swervy. 

Yify is a very good platform for quality content, It has a high quality of audio and video in small file sizes due to this it receives a very good amount of traffic. This site is consistent in terms of uploading regularly uploading content and releases for new movies and shows are pretty quick. 

There are some downsides to this site I.e. If you are looking for movies or series in your regional languages this might not be the place you will like to visit!


2) 133X:


This site gained popularity after the closure of kickass torrents. This site is very consistent and can be your bookmark if you are looking for the latest series and movies. It posts content within hours of its release. It has a very good list of torrent stuff.

The layout of this site is made simple to use without putting extra widgets and tabs that become messy. It also provides details and a poster of the show you wish to download to make sure you are downloading the right content.

1337x has been down for some time in the past and it has also switched to older domains like .tw and .to and undergone URL restructuring to avoid been blocked from google search engine queries.


3) Nyaa torrent:

Nyaa torrent

Are you still a kid? you are an anime fan? This torrent site is focused on downloading content anime content from East Asian countries. In the past several domains like .eu, .org, .se had been deactivated currently .si and .net are working in parallel.

If you want animated movies and tv shows Nyaa torrent is the best place for you.


4) Pirate bay:

tv show torrenting sites


This is an infamous torrent site, it has been in many controversies before had gone through several URL restructuring, and runs many different proxy sites for that users but even after everything Pirate bay seems to receive millions of users and has millions of files.

Pirate bay is blocked in several countries and you need to use a VPN to unblock this site based on your location. Being famous and having such large a large database of files it is also a favorite place for hackers to use malicious files and attack your device with malware. 

Even after many downsides to this website this site is a hot destination for torrent users because of its huge spread in content, If you are not able to find something on other torrent sites you might likely find it on But here I will strongly recommend using a VPN for torrenting.


5) EZTV:


This torrent site is similar in UI to piratebay but with fewer pop-ups. This site has a good track record for maintaining its uptime and is hardly non-functional. This site is a good place for downloading TV shows.

A very unique feature about this site is that it provides a schedule for the upcoming releases of tv shows just like we get a schedule while watching television. This feature increases the user experience and the website generates better traffic.



Ultimi torrent

If you are super lazy to get up from your bed and want to download a movie on your mobile then Monova is meant for you. This site is super clean in terms of mobile interface and works smoothly without any glitches on any Android or IOS devices.

You can use the BitTorrent application to download torrent files from Monova, this is the best torrent site if you want to download content on the go.




We are always worried if our torrent downloads contain malware and viruses, Zooqle addresses this problem. It has a sort of verification process and keeps the website authentic. your downloads are less likely to contain viruses if you have downloaded them from here.

Zooqle shows ratings, synopsis, cast, and other metadata related to tv shows hence if someone is looking to explore new content this data is helpful.


8) Torlock:


Torlock is not a repository of torrent files but it is actually a torrent search engine that searches a variety of content from popular torrent sites, it helps to search out torrent on different torrent sites and provide results from millions of torrents. This site is more transparent and it provides the details about the person who uploaded it. 

If you are not able to find your show then you can visit this site and it will search your show, games, music torrents and provide you a list of torrents. You can download it by using the magnet links provided along with it.




Again is not a torrent database, it is a torrent search engine that allows you to search your query from different torrent sites. The main benefit of using torrent search engines is that we don’t need to keep track of the availability of different torrent sites it reduces our headache of searching our favorite movies and torrent files on different websites.

This search engine similar to torlock provides us a list of torrents and we can select torrents from a variety of options and download it using a magnet link with a torrent client.




This site is very unique from other sites because it is not only a torrenting website, it also provides cloud storage for anonymously storing data. Such anonymous storing of data attracts users that are really concerned about their privacy.

The free version of this site allows you to download only one show per day however one can upgrade to a premium version of it and increase download capacity. The best part of using such cloud storage is that you need not worry about viruses as the files are not stored on your PC and Bitport also provides an online streaming option so you can play the movie even before it is downloaded.

Handy tips for torrenting:

  • It is recommended that you use a VPN for torrenting because it masks your IP address and protects your privacy. In many countries, several torrent websites are blocked and you cannot access them VPN can help you unblock these sites.
  • Always keep your PC firewall and antivirus on before downloading any torrents as there is always some risk of files containing viruses and malware.
  • If you are concerned about your privacy and want to stay anonymous in a real sense you can try using seedboxes, this is a technology that provides you cloud computer for torrenting so basically, you will not be using torrent on your PC but a virtual PC.