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The best BTjunkie alternatives 2021

BTjunkie, one of the very resilient, robust, and updated torrent search engines went out of service after serving for a good seven years. It had around 7 million torrents and was always updated based on the emerging trends. 

All you had to do was just type in the name of the torrent you wish to search and it will display a list of results. It includes private and public trackers, indexes, torrent reporting, and comments in the result.

Shutting down this torrent search engine was surely not good news for its users. But sadly torrent sites getting vanished is not an unusual thing in the torrenting era, and alternatives are always available for such sites.

Here are some of the best alternatives for

1. ThePiratebay:

This is the site that has already celebrated its 15 years of existence, this can be seen as an achievement! Thepiratebay is a very good alternative as it hosts a large amount of content and if you are looking for anything awkward you might find it at this bay.

2. Demonoid: 

It is one of the best BitTorrent trackers, it is providing service for a long time. It has file-sharing-related forums and searchable torrent indexes. It is suitable for all types of torrent users as it provides all the necessary core features of a torrent search engine.

3. Torrentz: 

Another leading torrent search engine with a very simple user interface, minimal pop-ups, and ads. This site has a very good track record in terms of its uptime and also has its own proxy site that can be accessed on many locations where their main site is geo-blocked. 

4. 1337X:

Are you in search of your favorite movies or TV shows? This site will surely end your search! Again with a very clean interface and smart search bar where you just need to enter a word of your favorite movie and it will provide you a list of results with film meta-data like ratings and posters. It provides you direct and magnet links for downloading the file.

5. Torlock:

Torlock is another popular torrent search engine that helps you fetch results from popular different torrent sites and provides millions of results. This site is considered more transparent as it also provides details of the uploaders and hence if you are very specific with torrent files in terms of the uploading community this might be a good option.

These are some of the very good alternatives to BTjunkie eu, but these are just a few handpicked from the bucket of torrent search engines. There are many other alternatives like Vector, treetorrents, Torrentprojects, Torrentrover, and many more that some users might find friendly and easy to use.