How to use Radarr with your Seedbox – Iseedfast tutorialSeedboxHow to use Radarr with your Seedbox – Iseedfast tutorial

How to use Radarr with your Seedbox – Iseedfast tutorial


Radarr is one of the best open-source software available to automate torrents. It can be used with devices such as a computer, a server, etc. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use radarr with a seedbox.


Seedbox is a remote server used to manage torrents, but by using apps like Radarr, Sonarr, and Plex, you can create your own media center!


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So let’s get started with our tutorial.


Steps to Install Radarr on your Seedbox


Step 1: Log-in to your seedbox’s client area.



Step 2: Head-on to the Apps section and find Radarr.

Step 3: Find Radarr and click on the install button.


Step 4: Relax as Iseedfast automatically installs the Radarr app on your seedbox.

Steps to add indexers in the Radarr app

Step 1: Click on the open button to launch the Radarr app

Step 2: Use the FTP credentials given in your client area to log-in.

Step 3: Once Radarr opens, move to settings for basic configuration

Step 4: Open Indexers and click on the “Plus” button

Step 5: A list of indexers will appear. Choose your preferred indexer.

(For this tutorial, I am using Rarbg. It is advised that you first test all your indexers before saving)

Step 6: Configure any indexer that you choose and save.

How to add movies to your seedbox using the Radarr app?

We are finally at the part which we really want to know! The Job of configuration is done, it is time to add some movies.

Step 1: Head-on to the movies section and click on the “add new movie” Button.

Step 2: Find any available movie from the given search bar.

Step 3: Click on the movie and you’ll see a configuration panel. Set the root folder to download the movie in the desired folder and click on the “Add Movie” button

Step 5: Your download will start automatically, you can see it in the queue section.

Note: You can check your rutorrent client as well to see if the torrent is added or not.

So this is how you can add torrents on your seedbox using the Radarr app. You can even add upcoming movies to the Radarr app too. The app will look for the torrent in your indexers and automatically download them when available.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]