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10 Best Sites like FirstRowSports for Live Sports Online

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello, Crazy sports fan! Waiting for your favorite football team to play tonight? or trying to cheer up your team for hitting a home run? Technology has made our lives easier sitting on our couch and watching sports on online sports streaming sites is always fun with our near and dear ones.

Firstrowsports is a very good option for all sports enthusiasts out there enjoying your favorite team plays your favorite sport, anywhere anytime as it provides live streaming of sports on the website. But this facility comes at a premium because links available pay to per view homepage.

Here we have listed down alternative sports streaming sites that can help to stream your favorite sport live! Hold tight Sports fans and be ready to enjoy your evening.

Here are the 10 best sites for live sports streaming.

1)  Stream2Watch : 


Stream2watch is a live streaming website that allows streaming of various sports like hockey, boxing, basketball, racing, football, tennis, wrestling, etc, and many more. This site provides high-quality video streaming.

As it provides many different sports streaming options there is also a downside to this website, many times it will throw u ad-pop-ups and can be annoying to its users.

2) Fox Sports Go :

Fox Sports Go

Fox sports go is a very user-friendly website with sports displayed as thumbnails just like Netflix makes it easy to navigate.  This sports streaming site has hockey, golf, wrestling, boxing, and other sporting events. It also provides a live sports schedule for upcoming sports events.

Don’t you worry if you miss any of your favorite sports it has a replay section that features some of the best sports, watch your game anytime if you miss it!

3) CBS sports:

CBS sports

This live sports streaming site is a news feed for all sports activities. It provides different news related to many sports like football, basketball, rugby, etc. It also has a live streaming option for which you need to select CBS sports network on the top right and then need to log in with your TV provider to access the live streaming.

4) Batmanstream.net :


This is a stream hunting site, it provides a variety of sports like football, basketball, hockey, rugby, racing, etc. It provides links in many different languages and also is almost free from ad pop-ups It streams content in high quality and makes it fit for streaming live sports.

5) ESPN.com: 


ESPN is indeed one of the most famous sports websites, it provides daily news and clips regarding almost all sports events like tennis, basketball, football, cricket, and many more sporting events. however, ESPN is not a completely free website but it has a very high-quality stream without any bugs or lag and is definitely a reliable source by paying a nominal amount of money.

6)  FromHot.com:


Fromhot.com is another free sports streaming website that doesn’t come with annoying pop-up ads. This site is similar to firstrowsports in terms of its user interface provides a smooth experience to its users.

This website also provides you the option of streaming games and other events, the homepage is very simple and from there you can switch between different events. It streams tennis, hockey, racing, football, basketball, and many other games.

7) Streams Hunter:

Streams Hunter

Stream hunter is not a live streaming website but is one kind of stream search engine. It helps you search live free stream links for various sports. It provides support for a wide variety of games and events also.

8) VIP league sports: 

VIP league sports

This website is made with special attention to attract users with its customizable options like changing themes of the website. The unique feature of this website is that it streams sports in six different languages due to which it is very popular.

The content on the website is divided into various categories of sports and hence makes it easy for the users to navigate the website.

9) Live Tv:

live tv

This is yet another website that resembles Firstrowsports, it is a very good alternative for streaming sports competitions online. This website provides metadata about the streaming like the language used by the commentators, match duration, etc.

you can stream your content in many different languages like English, Spanish, Russian, etc. This site has a wide reach around the globe and you might find heavy traffic on this site.

10) Sports lemon tv:

This site is again a user-friendly site catering to a wide variety of games like basketball, football, tennis, hockey, etc. The unique feature of this site is that apart from just watching live streams you can download content and view it whenever you wish for which makes it a very reliable option as a row sports alternative.

Now grab some pop-corns and coke, turn the lights off and start watching your favorite show without having the headache to look for live streams! Sports streaming sites, Sports news, High-quality streaming, From rugby to Racing all you need is right up there! 

Select the best that suits your requirements. Happy Streaming![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]