Top 5 alternatives to limewire 2021

Limewire, one of the famous applications for peer-to-peer file sharing. It is widely used by many casual downloaders in search of free content, stopped its operations. 

After the New York district court passed an order to shut down all its operations that included searching, uploading, and downloading. This was sad news for all its users however we are here with alternatives of Limewire that can be of great help to all its users.

1. Frostwire:

This application has its roots in Limewire as it was developed by the members of the Limewire community in 2004. It supports both BitTorrent and Gnutella downloads. It is a free and open-source application for P2P file-sharing that is compatible with windows, Linux, Mac, and even android.

The UI of FrostWire is very similar to that of Limewire therefore it is a good alternative. 

2. MP3 Rocket:-

This is another Limewire alternative that supports both BitTorrent and Gnutella network downloads. It has a wide range of music repositories available for download. However as the name suggests it is not restricted to just music downloads, you can download video files and even many software using MP3 Rocket.

3. Torrent sites:

Now, if you are really in search of free content online then torrent sites might be the best place to get it. .torrent files need to be downloaded using a torrent client like Utorrent. In recent times Applications like Limewire are a bit outdated and torrent sites are kept updated for all trending content.

4. Social Groups:

Many social groups provide direct download links or directly provide files that can be downloaded. Telegram is a great social application that can be leveraged for free content. However it must be noted that it is a social media platform like a messenger, but due to its global search function and unrestricted group members, it is emerging as a content provider platformed used by many people.

5. Direct download sites and search engines:

Dozens of sites search through web repositories for downloading free music or else for streaming music. BeeMp3, Mp3hunting, MRTZCMP3 are some of the alternatives that provide direct downloads. You can just do a simple google search and you can have a list of such places.

Today with changing dynamics in the music and entertainment industry user trends are also changing there is a shift towards OTT platforms and music apps like Spotify which provides tons of choices at very affordable rates. 

Even after such emerging trends, the need for free content is ever-lasting and the list of such alternatives to Limewire is simply mammoth. To sum it up torrent sites can be a good place to find all your needs however if you wanna avoid the crowd applications like FrostWire and MP3rocket must serve you well.

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