What are the limitations on the basic plan?
The basic plan is a fully functional seedbox has some drawbacks like it has fewer applications then the full-fledged plan and does not have VPN. other than that there are no restrictions on it.
What is the network speed of your seedboxes?
our seedboxes are on 10gbps network but the disk drive is HDD hence at any given time you can reach the maximum speed of 2 – 3 gbps.Also Note that these are shared seedboxes answer any given point of time if the traffic is high you might get temporary evened out speeds for a few seconds .
Are there any contracts?
We have no such creepy policies you pay for your subscription cancel anytime.
What payments do you have?
Paypal and Bitcoin
What counts as BW usage?
Only rutorrent uploads count. Rest is all unlimited
Do you allow public trackers ?
Do your provide Refunds?
You can raise a support ticket within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you, we  would definitely like a feedback because it will further help us improve the product , in case you are asking for a refund please remember Just provide a feedback so that we know what made your experience not that fruitful. Refund after 7 days will not be processed.
Can I use it from anywhere?
Yes and its compatible with any device which supports a basic browser.

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