ETTV moves to a new domain after the operator goes missing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Maybe all those who have bookmarked ETTV are in shock when they found that the site is no longer available. Yes, ETTV has moved to a new domain name. This step came after the main operator of the Website has gone missing this is not a good sign for ETTV users as their loyal users might not be comfortable with this change.

Previously back in 2017 Extra torrent was closed because of a lawsuit that was filed against it and eventually Extra torrent had to stop its operations. It was a great setback for the torrent community as Extra torrent was a safe harbor for millions of users and was also serving the needs of several publishers who regularly used to publish content.

After the exit of Extra torrents ETTV, ETHD, and DTone collaborated together and started their own torrent website Since its inception, it is gradually growing and now it has grown quite a good traffic and popularity among the torrent community. The site has now become a medium-sized torrent with many uploaders.

Recently there had been many issues with the staff handling although users didn’t have an idea about this back-end issue until ETTV was moved to a new domain. The main operator who was responsible for managing the domains, servers, and ads run on the site went missing.  Because of such an event, it became hard for all the staff to maintain the website.

The administrator of the ETTV whose alias name is ‘sidekickbob’ acknowledged the staffers that the staffer that the operator has not logged in since December and there are also rumors that the operator was having some health issues. 

Now after a couple of months of not hearing from the operator finally ‘sidekickbob’ decided to take over control, so the very first step he took was removing ads from the site as he had no control over it. But soon, to his surprise, even his server was canceled that hosted all the torrents. This was the wake-up call for the administrator. 

In order to gain full control over the website finally ‘sidekickbob’ decided to move to a new domain name i.e., this was done to make sure that no other party is having access to the website because he already had access to the registrar login of the opposite domains so it was done to in order to prevent any further intrusions.

This new domain change has been communicated on many forums and ‘sidekickbob’ is like a temporary admin to ETTV, And as communicated by the admin vis a vis ‘sidekickbob’ is looking for someone who can manage to maintain the site and continue forward because he doesn’t have enough time to manage the site by himself.

With such an alarming issue it puts a question mark on the future of ETTV and all the users might need to be thankful as of now that they are able to access ETTV on a new domain however, be hopeful that they will be able to access the same in future.


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